Scott Denny, aka Robert Livingston of the 1999-2000 national tour of 1776 produced by Big League Theatricals, was kind enough to send me some great information about this production. "This is the first New York based tour of the show that has ever gone out," Scott says. "We are using the revial costumes and the other production elements are exquisite for a non union tour. We have a brilliant cast ... the show is fabulous - I am so thrilled to be a part of it."

View the times and dates for the national tour of 1776 ... Note: the itinerary was originally posted on Thespia_2000's famous 1776 Yahoo club by cast membet "we8ham" :)

Cast & Crew

John Hancock Tom Zainea
Josiah Bartlett Joseph King
John Adams Chris VanVleet
Stephen Hopkins Cork Ramer
Roger Sherman Alan Payne
Lewis Morris Andy Kopec
Robert Livingston Scott Denny
Johnathan Witherspoon Sam Andrew
Benjamin Franklin David Springstead
John Dickinson Jim Middleton
James Wilson Louis Colaiacovo
Caesar Rodney Bob Towers
Thomas McKean John Cameron Weber
George Read Brad Wilson
Samuel Chase Stewart Brown
Richard Henry Lee Paul Kerr
Thomas Jefferson Jeff Drushal
Joseph Hewes Bill Lovern
Edward Rutledge Rob Richardson
Lyman Hall John Boldenow
Charles Thomson David Lee
Andrew McNair Dolan Byrnes
Leather Apron P.J. Owen
Courier Ryan Dietz
Abigail Adams Michelle Hubert
Martha Jefferson Amalie Larsen
Swing Bill Hubert
Co Manager P.D. Seltzer
Production Manager Tom Bothof
PSM Tom Jeffords
MD Terry Hanson
Pit Allan Greene
Bob Myer
Mark Hoke
Brian McCommon
Anne Marie Tranchida
Julianna Boem
Fritz Stewart
Katharine Goffe
Crew Bobby Edgar
John Keddy
Corrie Purdum
Liam Walsh
Alex Meadows
J.D. Arney
Adam Norcott
Director Dan Stewart
AD Kurt Guba
Costumes Yolan Pinter
Scenery Zeke Leonard
Lighting Charlie Morrison
Producers Daniel Sher
Greg Weiss
Alee Ralph

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