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1776 club, founded by Amyliz



Other 1776 pages

  • Lisa and Ron's 1776 site. Some sound clips, pictures and information.
  • Interesting 1776 tidbits by a Brent Spiner fan.
  • 1776 at Brent Spiner Central
  • Sue Kisenwether's 1776 the Musical page: a good overview of the revival, with sounds, pictures, and other info.

    1776 productions

  • A recent production by Stage 212 of La Salle, Illinois. Page includes photos.

    Reviews and other articles

  • Entry on "1776" in the Internet Movie Databse
  • Entry on "1776" in Amazon.com
  • A review of the 1997 production by the New York Times.
  • A review in the Houston Chronicle
  • The Cincinnati Post reviews the Downtown Theatre Classics production.

    Historical Sites

  • An excellent page straight from the Library of Congress. This page contains information on the creation and the preservation of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the text of the original draft that Jefferon wrote. Look for some of the changes and deletions mentioned in the musical.
  • The US Mint's web page about the new Caesar Rodney Delaware quarter.
  • Dickinson College's page about John Dickinson.
  • A John Adams shrine

    Broadway Sites

  • Musicals.net
  • Moonstruck Drama Bookstore - An information source on plays and musicals
  • The Musical Extravaganza! - All about Broadway music
  • Better Living Through Show Tunes - Lots of info about current and upcoming Broadway songs

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