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This 1776 was created in the summer of 1997 by myself, Danny Keck, in response to an apparent lack of attention paid to the musical "1776" on the Internet. I hope you enjoy this site.

Resources for historical information and pictures

1776 : A Musical Play. Based on a conception of Sherman Edwards. Book by Peter Stone. Music and Lyrics by Sherman Edwards. Viking: New York, 1969.

Fathers of America's Freedom : The Story of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. By Donald E. Cooke. Illustrations by Harry J. Scharre. Hammond Inc: Maplewood (NJ), 1969.

The Story of the Declaration of Independence : Bicentennial Edition. By Dumas Malone. Oxford University Press: New York, 1975.

"The Dye Is Now Cast" : The Road to American Independence 1774-1776. By Lillian B. Miller and the Staff of the Historian's Office. Smithsonian Institution: Washington D.C., 1975.

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